September 2006


Annie spends her first night in the nursery.

Car seat's the newest craze!


It's a's a, it's Noah!

What the...?!?

Noah's strong musical influences are Mozart, Vivaldi, and the Little Einsteins.

Annie likes watching the fish and bubbles in the bouncy chair.

You've got mail!

New pictures added on Sept. 20!

Noah's new hobby...backyard golf.

Annie's baptism - Sun., Sept. 17, 2006

Annie with her Godparents - Aunt Care & Uncle Dave

Bret, Annie, Jess & Noah

Annie with Mommy in front of her Baptism flowers

Noah & Annie with Papap

Annie with Grandma Joyce

Annie with Uncle Dave

Annie with Great Grannie Annie

Grandma Joyce, Annie, Mommy, and Noah show their Steelers spirit!


Images from the Steelers vs. Bengals game.

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