August 2009

Heather & Craig's wedding reception

Jess, Heather, Christine


Bret & Jessica's Alaskan Cruise

August 2-9, 2009

Bret & the ship, the Westerdam

On our balcony while we were leaving port...Seattle's Space Needle is over my shoulder.

Still being on east coast time I woke up the first two mornings & saw the sun rise.

It was WINDY on that upper deck!

***Glacier Bay***

Bret & a glacier

Jess & a glacier

We heard a sound like thunder & then saw a large chunk of ice fall into the water.  You can see the splash in the middle of this picture.

Zoom in on a glacier.

***Juneau, Alaska***

We took this up to the nature center on Mt. Roberts.


View from the Mt. Roberts nature center.

The hills are alive...

Snow in August.

Flowers and snow.


A mother whale & her calf breaching....AMAZING!



Whales' tails




This is called 'bubble net feeding'.  A group of approximately 10 humpback whales form a cylinder of bubbles, confusing fish & forcing them into the center of the bubble cylinder.  Then all the whales come up at the same time with their mouths open to catch the fish.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  Plus, we had two groups of whales doing this on either side of the boat!  This is very rare behavior for humpbacks & we were 'more likely to be struck by lightning' than to see this!  WOW!

***Sitka, Alaska***

Inside the Russian Orthodox Church in Sitka.

Russian folk dancing

There are more boats than people in Sitka.  Fishing is the number one industry.

***Ketchikan, Alaska***


Lumberjack much fun!


Totem Bight Park

***Victoria, British Columbia***

Government building...I like the totem pole in front of the Victorian architecture.

The Empress Hotel

I thought these trees looked like dinosaurs.

A clan house in Victoria.

A side view of The Empress at sunset.


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