February 2007

Noah & Annie enjoy a snow day at home with Mommy!


Annie is seven months old!

Feb. 7, 2007


Snow day fun

Cowboy Noah rides his trusty steed Steeler in search of treasure.

Annie feels snow for the first time.

Does Noah like Disney or what?


Day trip to DC

Will one of these guys work in this building one day?

Pilot Noah in the Air & Space Museum

Jess & Annie

A snowy day in our nation's capitol.

Natural History Museum



Noah helps GG open her birthday gifts.

Gram & Annie

Noah & Annie help Mommy celebrate her birthday.

Let the mission begin!

Cuties in the kitchen

Jess & Bret are ready for the Rotary Vacation Gala

Snow baby


Our first family snowman

Bret & Noah build a second snowman after the first one fell down.

Snow bunny Noah

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