February 2009

We are ready for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl!

Winter Wonderland

This is one handsome boy!

Look Mom!  I'm holding my head up!

Noah during a picnic down by the river on an unseasonably warm day.

One day this will all be mine...

Excuse me Vice Mayor Daddy, I have a few suggestions on how to keep this river clean.


Bret could be a shampoo hairstylist...look at these sudsy 'dos.

Hunter sleeps in his crib now.

Cutest baby in the world!

Hunter with Great-Grandma Leslie

Wine tasting with Grannie Annie, Dave, Dad

Grandma Leslie, Ashley, Tom

Mom, Jess, Annie

All a ruse for...

A surprise birthday party!  Thanks Bret!

The most awesome birthday cake ever!

My wonderful friends...

Heather, Lauren, Angie, & Christine

Wonderful Family...Grannie Annie, Mom, Patty, Susan, Kathy, Grandma Leslie

Bret, Jeff, Nate, Meghan, Jake


Hunter's Baptism

Hunter & Annie with Grandma

Annie, Noah, Bret, Grannie Annie, Jess, Hunter, Pastor Gary, Mom, Dad

Jeff, Kim, Camryn, Nate, Sydney, Tammy, Carey, Susan, Chad, Kelly, Dave, Tom

The three cherubs.

Hunter with his Godparents, Jeff & Kim

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