Lei making

Ready for our first Hawaiian dinner.

Our view of the sunset during dinner.

The view from our balcony.

Surf's up!

A lush view of the Garden Isle...Kauai.

Bret soaks in the scenery.



At the bird sanctuary.

The western most lighthouse in the US.

Lots of birds.

Outside the cave.

Inside the cave.

From the inside looking out.

Some Hawaiian agriculture.

There were roosters & chickens everywhere!

Our first view of a Hawaiian waterfall.

A different waterfall...apparently used in the opening scene of "Fantasy Island."

In the middle of our hotel lobby.

My stalker picture of Lex from Survivor Africa/All-Stars.

Farewell to Kauai.

I will be posting more Hawaii picture soon.  Our digital camera did not charge one day, so we had to use a disposable.  When I get those pics transfered to a cd I will post them.

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