David Hunter Hrbek

Fresh from the oven!

Annie & Noah get a first look at their new sibling.

Our happy family is growing!

Papap & Grandma with Hunter

Gram & Hunter

Aunt Carey has a new boy to spoil.

Uncle Chad takes a break from teaching class to stop in & meet Hunter.

Big brother Noah is so excited to finally hold his baby brother.

Annie gets a closer look at this new little guy.

Papap & the boys.

Daddy & Hunter get comfy.

Noah reads the book that he & Tammy made for Hunter.

Mommy & her 3 little cherubs.

The Hrbek men

Dressed up & ready to go home!

Annie welcomes Hunter home by reading him a story.

Snuggled up with Grandma.


The three cutest kids in the world!

Such love.

Master Hunter will now perform his Jedi mind tricks on you...

Teaching him right from the start!

Hunter's first real bath.

The beautiful older siblings.

Edward Jones Christmas card photo

Annie's Dance Extravaganza

Annie is really taking to this 'big sister' role.

All in their 'jammas' and ready for bed.

Hmmm, I wonder where Annie gets her big, cheesey grin?

Proud Poppa

Happy Turkey Day!

Decorating the Christmas tree

Hokie Hi!


Look what I found under the Christmas tree!

Touchdown Steelers!


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