July 7, 2006

Anastacia's Arrival

First glimps of Anastacia Marie as she is taken to the nursery.

Proud Daddy with Annie as she gets cleaned up in the nursery.

Big brother Noah keeps a watchful eye on his new little sister.


Mommy & Daddy are so happy that Annie is here!

Grandma Joyce holds Annie for the first time.

Papap Rick helps Noah take a closer look at his baby sister.

Gram Susan gets a turn holding the little one.

Uncle Chad & Aunt Carey are excited to meet their niece.

Great-Grandma Waterman "GG" is thrilled to meet her newest great-grandchild.

Noah kept saying 'hold her, hold her'...so Daddy gave him a little help to hold Annie for the first time.

Anastacia gets ready to go home.

The whole family is ready to go!


Annie is ready to get out of the hospital.

Home at last!

Mommy and Annie are happy to be home.


Noah gives Annie lots of kisses.

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