June 2009

Vacation bible school

Noah & annie enjoyed 'camp e.d.g.e'

hunter is learning to pull up

Hey Mr. blue eyes!

Annie loves daddy

gotta love the moments when they are next to each other & not trying to wrestle


Hunter's first time on the beach!  Ocean City, MD

They were really excited to be on the beach.

annie & noah flying kites on the beach.


hunter seemed to like his first ocean experience!

Noah wanted to wear his wings, though he never touched the water once we got on the beach.

Mmmm...let's eat some sand.

hunter gives the beach approval with his 'official hunter face.'

twins 4 years apart

Noah and his tower of star wars cupcakes

Trying to explain a game to the party goers

Annie opted not to used the spoon

Hunter is chillin' with our babysitter tammy :)

Gift time

Noah & Grandma show off their Pittsburgh pride

Daddy bravely orchestrates while the kids play with noah's new pitching machine

getting ready for a swim after the party

Noah's birthday dinner at applebees

eating his birthday treat

annie shows hunter how to used the force to improve his crawling skills

The cutest boys in the world!

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