November 2006

A beautiful fall day on the Skyline Drive


My beautiful babies!

Annie is four months old!

Noah's latest fashion statement

Annie rolled over...all the way this time!

Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forest Tailgate


Kim & Cameryn

Mike, Jeff, Bret, & Brian

Michelle, Kim, Jess, & Shannon

Jess & Bret


Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh

Jess, Annie, Great-grandma Annie, Noah, Casey, & Josslynn


Thanksgiving (Part II) in Ohio

Chad, Jess, Bret, Carey

Noah, Susan, Annie

The Hrbeks together for turkey

Grandma & Grandpa Hrbek with the Great-grand kids


A visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo

Close encounters with a peacock

Can you see the giraffe in the background?

Two of the cutest Steelers fans ever

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